First and foremost, consciousness is the non-negotiable fact in study of mind and body.

Consciousness must exist. We cannot dispense with it or treat it as an awkward anomaly in a physical world we otherwise know all about.

To ask 'what is the place of consciousnes in the world' is to put the question the wrong way round. That we are conscious is the certainty from which we need to begin an investigation.

Second, it is difficult to see how consciousness could have been made out of or produced by physical objects. We have no inkling how consciousness arose in the first place. This claim is discussed HERE.

Third, it is difficult to see how consciousness can have any effect on physical objects and these include of course, our brains and bodies. There are several strong grounds for doubting that consciousness can cause or even affect what our bodies do. These arguments are introduced HERE.

Fourth, there seems to be a correlation between brain events and conscious events. We experience conscious states when the brain has been stimulated.

In summary, it looks as though our conscious states occur when a brain event takes place but those conscious states are not manufactured by the brain. The brain is a physical object which is affected by physical causes and not by conscious events.

The existence, arising and role of consciousness is a profound mystery.

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